Unsorted Service

If you have more than 250 standard or large letters or small packets up to 2 kilos in weight to send, then Crown Mail’s Unsorted Service provides an efficient and cost effective solution.  Simply place your mail into our collection unit and we do the rest.

Pre-sorted Service

For volumes in excess of 4000 standard or large letters or small packets, Crown Mail’s Pre-sort Service may be the choice for you offering further discounts from our Unsorted Service rates. 

Parcel Service

For parcels up to 17 kilos in weight we offer both Unsorted and Pre-sorted Services.  Simply separate your parcels from your letter and small packet mail and place in our designated collection unit - we will take care of it. 

Customers with high volume mailings will benefit from our Data Cleansing service.  Our software will sort your mail into postal regions for you if so required – enabling you to further benefit from our Pre-sorted Mail Service discounts.  

Through your dedicated mail team we can arrange bespoke collection times through Crown Couriers – daily, weekly etc adapting to your ever changing demands.

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Mail Solution


Crown Mail offers a range of domestic postal services to suit your needs. Unsorted, pre-sorted, letters, packets and parcels, we will collect from your door and deliver the most cost effective solution for you.


Whether you have bulk volume mail destined for a single country, multiple countries or a one-off large parcel to send abroad we will take care of it.
Our International service is tailored to suit your budget.

Ad Mail

Direct mailing has proven a successful method of introducing other businesses to new products and services on offer, advertise promotions or campaigns, to new and existing customers alike.

Data Cleansing

Whether you need our service to maximise your advertising campaign to your target audience or you simply want to ensure that your records are up to date our dedicated team can help.

E-Commerce and Pick & Pack

Retailers offer an online ordering service to enable consumers to shop at their convenience.
Crown Mail offers an efficient and cost effective solution to the Retail industry for domestic and International mailing.


Whether you have a single page leaflet or a detailed brochure to send we will arrange printing, packaging and with our selection of mail delivery services you can select the most cost effective mailing option for you.